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Tournment Information and rules
A Law Enforcement team only slow pitch softball Tournament
Every player must be a certified Law Enforcement Officer, currently employed by a governmental law enforcement agency, Police officer, Sheriff Deputy, State Trooper, Federal Marshall, DEA, Corrections Officers, etc... We will check all picture ID’s to ensure that every player is in fact a law enforcement officer. The Bacon Ball Committee has the discretion to ask any player for credentials at any time during the tournament. Please get the talent from within.
There will be a 1-hour or 7-inning time limit, whichever comes first. (Except the games in the Champion ship round, which will have no time limit.)
The batter will begin with a 1 & 1 count and a courtesy foul.
There will be a 6 home run limit with the one up rule. Every home run over the limit is an out.
There is a “20 run rule” after 3 innings, “15 run rule” after four innings, and a “10 run rule” after five innings .
No metal spikes, illegal bats or balls. We will be using modified ASA rules. Go to the ASA website for an updated list of illegal bats
We will provide 44 cor softballs, at cost, to each team. These will be the only balls allowed.
Umpire decisions are FINAL - this is why they are paid. If anyone has a protest, please take it up with the Bacon Ball Committee at the post-tournament party. We will be glad to listen although it will do you no good. If the Umpire chooses to ask for assistance, a decision will be made by the umpire and Bacon Ball Committee.
Home team will be decided each game with a coin toss.
We will have a pool play format.
Extra Innings or tie breakers begin with two outs and the last out made on second base.
Courtesy runners are allowed. Runner must be last out made during inning.
Substitutions are allowed. Re-entry is allowed but player must re-enter for player he/she was replaced by. Each player can re-enter only once. Any player may re-enter in any position in the case of an injury and the team has no other players available on the bench.
Any additional rules that may have been left out will be given to your team at the bracket announcing party.
1st Prize - $1000, winner's trophy, and championship t-shirts
2nd Prize - $500
3rd Prize - $300
4th Prize - $200
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